There are different layers when it comes to marketing consulting. The services I offer are extremely tailored to the client. So much that my services differ substantially from one client to another.

What I normally start with, when I get contacted by the potential client is have a meeting with them ( free of charge). Then I try to figure out, with them, what is that they need.

After that I come up with the proposal that I offer to the potential client. Together then we decide (through collaboration), which path to take and for me to know, which services to offer.

services Mirijana Cota
Strategic vs. Tactical Marketing Mirijana Cota marketing consultant

Through years working in marketing, I have gained experiences in different fields of marketing. As well as attended (and still attending) workshops, seminars, courses related to different topics in marketing. 

Also through working in a small company where I was the only one responsible and covering all the aspects of marketing, I got a lot of experience in a broad sense of marketing.

And that is the reason, why I became a marketing consultant. I have grasped and worked in marketing as a whole and can easily recognise, what is needed for a company to be successful on the market.

Just to briefly touch point, where I’ve worked on in marketing: Strategy, branding, marketing plan, graphic designing, analytics. SEO, SEM, Social Media marketing, Email marketing, PR, print advertising, events, cross marketing, etc.

Marketing consulting services broken down into different client categories.

Depending on where as a company you find yourself on the graph below, we could later decide, which offer to choose from.

Not to say that if you fall into one category (for example into a business with marketing problems) that you have to choose only services attached to that category on the graph. You could choose one of the services listed in that category. You could choose all of them. You could choose services, that I have written down under another category. All services can be interchangeable.

But as I mentioned before, every client is different and every client receives tailored services.


Would you like to start a conversation about your marketing efforts and problems? Get in contact with me, so that we can find the best marketing solution for you.