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First blog post

Ugh… dreadful first blog post. For all the other bloggers out there: “Where you as clueless as I am on how to start?” I kid you not, but I thought about this first blog post a lot. I already have material for next posts, but it’s the first one that causes problems. And I truly hope I’m not the only one (How weird would that be? 🙂 ).

I wanted to start my blogging on the right foot. To break the ice and set the tone for my future blog posts. Also, for the readers to know what to expect from me.

But is there really one good recipe on how to start blogging? I did my research believe me, but nowhere did I find one best way to start.

Some say ” start with introducing yourself, so people know who you are” others say F that, no one cares about you, write about something people want to read about, go in details and use every SEO trick there is, be tactical etc… Either way, you can never please everyone, so I will just go on the limb here and write what I feel like writing and hope I won’t blow it up for my future content and people will still give me a chance.

With my first blog post I don’t want to go too in depth on a certain topic. I know SEO experts would be nodding their head in disagreement… That it is bad for SEO.

I know my first blog post won’t get ton of engagement and it is fine by me. I still have time to create SEO/ “first page search results” worthy content (or at least try to 🙂 ). 

So let’s start.

About me - Mirijana Cota

Hi, I’m Mirijana (if you haven’t seen that already on my front page 🙂 ). 

I'm a full time working marketing consultant that decided to create her own website to promote marketing services, create content about marketing, personal development and growth that other individuals or companies might find valuable.

Not rarely do I search for some specific marketing related content or personal development content on Google and find very little. Not to say that there is not good content out there, there is plenty, but I’m certain there is still good content waiting to be written and I hope I can provide some. Also, different people trust different sources through their values, beliefs, interests, similarities  etc. and I hope ( and to some extent even believe) that I can bring value to some or few people. And that is OK by me. 

My aim on this blog is to create a community or a tribe as some may call it. I would like to connect with you, get to know you and also exchange thoughts, ideas, knowledge, experiences etc. So if you’re reading this, don’t be shy and say hello. I would love to meet you .

So if you are on a verge to start blogging ( as I am right now), here are a few tips I used for this first blog post and I hope you will find it useful.

First blog post Tips Pinterest

Top 5 tips for first blog post

1. Introduce yourself: don’t start writing down your whole life story, but just a few informations about you, that introduces you to your audience.

2. Be sincere: this is one value that I strongly believe is fundamental when writing or creating content for an audience. People are smart and take no BS. So don’t pretend you’re someone you’re not.

3. Introduction to your niche/ content: Let people know, what your blog will be about, so that they get an idea of what to expect. 

4. Give value: next to sincerity this is my other top keypoint in writing a blog. Give value to your audience. Don’t just write about YOU, YOU and YOU without bringing value to them.

5. Engage: try to engage your audience. Easier said than done I know. But at least give it a try. Maybe it will work.

I personally believe that if you start with those tips above, you are at a good starting point. I did use 5 top tips only for content. To that you should also add graphics. Like images, that should reflect your theme of the post. If you have a video of the subject, even better. There are even more tips for blog posts which I will cover in another blog post, where I will go more in depth.

For now, this is it. My first blog post. It was short and ( hopefully sweet). I would really appreciate your feedback on here in the comment section, on shared Social Media or you can even contact me directly on my email account.

So till my next blog post or first youtube video (spoiler alert 🙂 ).

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  1. Nina

    Looking forward to seeing more of these! Keep it up!

  2. Janja

    Feels like the blog is nicely following your tips for the first blog post..and…it is sweet 🙂 We are looking forward of the next one…

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