Books that changed my life

In today's blog post, I will write about the books that changed my life.When I think back to my childhood and adolescent years, I never was a big reader. I was a lot more interested in the media and the internet. Was and still am a very visual person.However, I did develop an interest in reading as I grew up. I've always been a very curious person and the one that liked to figure out everything herself. It was that curiosity and willingness to learn and grow that made me interested in books.This blog post will be different than previous…


Marketing vs Public Relations (PR)

Although the vast majority knows that public relations fall under the big marketing umbrella, there is still a lot of confusion on what does a PR do, versus marketer. In this blog post I've written down the biggest differences between public relations and marketing and where the lines get most blurred.


Marketing vs. Branding

marketing vs. branding . Seems like a never ending debate between marketing and branding professionals. In this blog post I've written down my thoughts and beliefs, even though they may be controversial and wrong to some people. But I didn't start this journey to hold back. Because I won't. What are your thoughts about it? Let me know :)


First blog post

Ugh... dreadful first blog post. For all the other bloggers out there: "Where you as clueless as I am on how to start?" I kid you not, but I thought about this first blog post a lot. I already have material for next posts, but it's the first one that causes problems. And I truly hope I'm not the only one (How weird would that be? :-) ). I wanted to start my blogging on the right foot. To break the ice and set the tone for my future blog posts. Also, for the readers to know what to expect from…