About me - Mirijana Cota

Hi, my name is Mirijana Cota and I come from a beautiful small country in Europe – Slovenia. Where I come from, I live extremely close to Italy (15 minute drive) and Venice (1,5 hour drive – how awesome is that ;-)). I live surrounded with greenery, mountains and sea. It’s just magical. I’m also a mom to a wonderful boy and I work full time as a marketing consultant for a School of Advanced Social Studies in Slovenia as well as work on my private projects and consult different clients with different marketing services.

How my love story with marketing began

My story with marketing began in high school, where we had entrepreneurship course and a part of that course was dedicated to marketing. That part to me was soo interesting, easy, so logical (unlike finance etc 🙂 ) and I fell in love with it. After that, every time I saw a billboard, a TV commercial or a Banner on some website, I always wondered, what was the story the company was trying to tell, who was it aimed for, the meaning behind it and how they did what they did.

After a while though that interest slowly subdued. I was not surrounded with people who were interested in marketing, I wasn’t in that environment. So for a short period of time I’d throw myself in other waters, but nothing really seamed right, seemed like ME. So I asked myself : ” Mirijana Cota, what is it that you want to do, what are you interested in?” And three things came to mind at the time. Fashion, Tourism and Marketing. And it all made sense. Marketing can ( and should) be used in all those areas and I enjoy everything about it. Then and there I decided, I’m gonna go, study and get a degree in marketing. 

Where my story with marketing is now

I am currently fully employed in a company, where I started working initially as a PR associate. After a year and a half, I got promoted to a CEO’s Marketing Consultant.


Because I was trusted enough (through my self initiative, eagerness and confidence that we could do better) to create a marketing plan, that I personally executed and was responsible for, to drive and increase yearly profit by 33%. 

But I also love to work on other projects as well. I love to help other small companies to achieve their full potential. For the company to successfully find their place on the market, to reach their audience and satisfy customers needs, or even better – exceed them. That just gives me such joy. If you are potentially one of those companies (or even freelancers) who need help with successfully marketing themselves, get in contact with me.

Where I want my story with marketing to go


With my marketing consulting to help companies reach their full potential, building their brand identity, find their target audience and captivate them, converting leads to customers and consequently generating profit. 


To give companies and/or other entities my full service and honest consulting. To always listen to them and bring my best; well thought out strategies for them to effectively conquer their marketing objectives.


Best results can only come with teamwork and good collaboration between (in my case) the client and I. It is very important to me that I hear my client out and listen to them so that I can work on bettering their marketing strategy and activities the way they would like to achieve them.


Working with different clients with a mindset, that I stick to my values and integrity. To do a good job for my client, I need to believe in their brand as much as they do, otherwise I can’t get myself to work on that project.

So saying no to projects I don’t believe in is a must.